Oh F-U-D-G-E & The Hair Salon

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Hi Ya’ll Let’s just say that today hasn’t gotten off on the right foot, but not all has been lost. We woke up late this morning, like 8 am late. My kids don’t sleep that late, live EVER! I suppose the time change and that fact that the kids are at swimming camp this week for March Break has caught … Read More

holliecooperinteriorsOh F-U-D-G-E & The Hair Salon

All the pretty colours – blue

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Good Morning all, I’ve got lots on my plate this morning so this is going to be short and sweet with lots of eye candy. Let’s get to it shall we! I’m feeling rather chipper today, despite the light rain & soft grey haze and springing forward with the clocks. I just keep thinking this means we are one step closer … Read More

holliecooperinteriorsAll the pretty colours – blue

Spring is in the Air

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I hope you had a nice week end, and the time change hasn’t messed you up too much! Mine was nice, a relaxing Saturday with the kids, just hanging out and a Bridal Shower on Sunday for a work friend in Niagara Falls. The weather has been so beautiful the last few days, so I busted out the spring jackets! … Read More

holliecooperinteriorsSpring is in the Air

In the search for art

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Ensuite Evolution is coming together. All of the painting was completed yesterday. The drapery and mirror frame and being hung today, and the glass shower is happening Saturday. So with freshly painted walls that are white, I’ve never had white wall in my life!  I have been thinking about the art. I was envisioning some tasteful nude sketches,  but I … Read More

holliecooperinteriorsIn the search for art

New Projects & a thank you

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It was a very exciting day yesterday. I was awarded 2 new projects!!! The first is a custom home, which I will refer as Maple Ave. Project from here on out.  I will be meeting with the clients this week to begin nailing down the overall design and feel. Then I’ll get cracking on creating an amazing space. Maple Ave. is … Read More

holliecooperinteriorsNew Projects & a thank you

Kay Douglass

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 10 years ago Kay Douglass went to France & brought back more furnishings that she had space for, so she opened South of Market. SOM is overflowing with antiques from France & Belgium.They offer  a huge selection of upholstered & re-purposed objects & lighting galore, including custom work. Here is just a sprinkling of what you will find at South … Read More

holliecooperinteriorsKay Douglass

Ensuite Evolution Progress & the Master

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It’s an exciting day here over at my pad, project Ensuite Evolution is getting the mill work delivered today and all the hardware put on, along with the counter tops being measured. I am also on the hunt for 2 nude sketches, but I can’t seem to find any that I really like. If you know of any artists who … Read More

holliecooperinteriorsEnsuite Evolution Progress & the Master

Spring 2013 Must haves

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I hope you all had a nice weekend, my was particularly lovely. I had not one commitment, so I enjoyed doing very little, and that’s A-OK in my books! The weather that last few days has been so nice, that it has me longing for spring,  so I put together a list of my must haves. Well, let’s get real, they are … Read More

holliecooperinteriorsSpring 2013 Must haves

A mish mash & a sale

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Hi new friends, I am so happy that it’s Friday & I have a few things to share with you. 1) Project Ensuite Evolution  The tiling is complete, hallelujah, I thought it would never end.The guy who did it is a total perfectionist & I appreciate one taking their time, but after 2 1/2 weeks I was ready for this part … Read More

holliecooperinteriorsA mish mash & a sale