25 Things You Don’t Know About Me #7 – Julie from Elliven

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It’s Tuesday so that means it’s time for another “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me”.

Today’s “25” are coming from Julie

 over at

Like most of the guest post bloggies I have had over here on TPZ, I also “met” Julie through Instagram and began reading her daily posts over at Elliven. If you haven’t given her a read, start now. 

Here you go!

1- I only started to wear my hair down curly 1.5 years ago. Gosh I wish I had done it sooner.

2- Chocolate almonds are my weakness. You can almost always find a bag of them in the fridge at our house.

3- I absolutely love the water but I’m a terrible swimmer.

4- Speaking of water, I dream of owning a cottage one day.  I’d paint the interior all white and would have blue accents. Can’t you just see it???  You’d all be invited.

5- My nose sweats.  Yeah. Totally weird.

6- If I have one too many drinks, I’m all of a sudden totally fluent in french.

7- I met my husband in high school.  We started dating when I was 15 and just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary.  Awwww

8- I always wanted a super long veil & train like Maria’s on The Sound Of Music.  So I made it happen for our wedding.

9- I’m known for getting sayings or words wrong.  Like calling windchill – windshield….up until last year.

10- I absolutely love old homes, but could never live in one.  I have a crazy imagination and would definitely see things.

11- I’m obsessed with Kate Middleton.  I honestly think we’d be the best of friends.  That would be brilliant!

12- I’m a middle child (two sisters) and think that the middle child syndrome is a myth. I love being the middle child!

13- I love to rap or maybe what I do is more like rhyming.  Either way, I love it, though I’m sure my family would prefer if I didn’t!

14- I not only love to rap/rhyme but I also love to dance. I dream of being part of a soul train line.  I mean, seriously.  How fun would that be?! 

15- I always wanted to learn how to skateboard.  Hubs taught me how to ollie and I can’t get enough! I look like a complete loon but it’s so fun!

16- I think the word holla is totally awesome and the everyone should be required to use it at least 20 times a day.

17- I’m very stubborn. Bless my husband for being able to put up with me! ha!

18- I used to always say that I’d never move from Ottawa.  I’ve now lived in three different cities across Canada (we’re an air force family) and am so thankful for the chance to explore this amazing country of ours!

19- My mum has blonde hair and blue eyes.  People sometimes didn’t believe that she was my mum.

20- I was told that I write the way I speak and that I use a lot of exclamation points when I write.  I love that!!!

21- I love the saying “when they zig, you zag” but sometimes I take it to the extreme and should zig with everyone else.

22- I totally memorized the moves to Ice Ice Baby when it first came out and would perform in front of anyone who would watch.

23- After I had my second child someone who lived a few houses down from me said “I would have never known that you were that small”.  Pregnancy does not suit me.

24- Truth: wax museums freak.me.out.

25- I played volleyball in college, which some may find hard to believe since I’m only 5’3″

Thanks again for asking me to take part, I love it!

Thanks Julie for putting together such a great list

See you all back here tomorrow 


holliecooperinteriors25 Things You Don’t Know About Me #7 – Julie from Elliven

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  1. Sara K {SaigeWisdom}

    oh man I knew I loved that girl for a reason – so many similarities we could be twinsies. thanks for highlighting one of my favourite Insta-blog friends! I wish I would start speaking French when I drank too much – that girl is class all the way. xo #holla!

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