A Mish Mash #2

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Happy Monday!

We had a great weekend, did you too? Here is some of my weekend in pictures.

Friday we went to the splash pad with some friend & this is what happened when B & her gal pal got a hold on my phone.

There are 3 more videos just like this and LOTS of selfies!

I managed to get a ton of sewing to get ready for the shop re-opening on Thursday.

Last night I juiced – never thought I would love these veggies drinks like I do. It’s lots of work & the amount of veggies that go into one drink is insane, but I guess you can’t have too may right?

Well that’s it, nothing too exciting over here.

Make sure you stop by again tomorrow Dominique for Comfy Cozy Couture will be here with her “25 Things”

holliecooperinteriorsA Mish Mash #2

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