#pineavenuespruceup – Powder Room

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Well, I have finally decided exactly what’s going to happen in the powder room spruce up!
I have been completely torn on the all black or all white, so were going to compromise.
Benjamin Moore Midnight Dream in ultra flat has been put on the ceiling & a high gloss finish was used for the baseboards, trim, door & lower wall.

 Benjamin Moore Cloud White has been applied on the upper walls & chair rail. Please excuse the “greeny” look of the colour white, every image I have found of this colour is coming up greenish! As you know it’s a very soft white.

A simple round mirror.

A roman shade in one of my favourite fabrics.

& a small piece of art.
 I’d love to get my hands on this piece made by Christine.

A final reveal will happen soon.

holliecooperinteriors#pineavenuespruceup – Powder Room

Wednesday Wants – Sleek White Kitchen

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It’s been a whole week since my last post & I’ve missed you!
There has been lots of action at the house with the whole project #pineavenuespruceup
I think now it’s time to let the cat out of the bag.
We’re moving!
There I said it!

We have no idea where we are going but where ever it is, is going to be fixer upper & hopefully all of the dirty work can be done before we move in.  After 10 years we have decided that it’s time to move on. We have definite ideas on the desired finished look & feeling. Mid Century Modern meet the Hollywood Hills is how I would describe the overall feeling. 
Floor to ceiling windows, walnut floors & a sleek, smallish functional kitchen, that is somewhat closed off from the rest of the space. Having lived with the open concept kitchen, dining & great room space. I have summed up that I don’t really love it. When were done in the kitchen I don’t want to see it!
 I was reading the latest issue of Domaine & fell in love with this kitchen.
This is the work of Neal Beckstedt
The off centred hardware. The reflective edging of the counter tops, uppers over the stove top & the kick give the illusion that everything is floating.  I also enjoy how the pantry wall & cooktop wall have been framed out & the millwork is set back.
Infact this entire apartment is straight up my alley, it sums up the feeling of the new house in a nut shell.
Have a wonderful Wednesday.
holliecooperinteriorsWednesday Wants – Sleek White Kitchen

Wednesday Wants – The Modern Fireplace

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I have become completely obsessed by the more modern fireplace surround.
No mantel & no TV.
Wood burning rather than gas.
I love the simple sleekness juxtaposed with the roughness of real wood.
I am bound & determined that this will happen in my next house.

images 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / no source  
holliecooperinteriorsWednesday Wants – The Modern Fireplace

All The Pretty Colours – Orchid

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Admittedly, purple as a colour is not one of favourites. Maybe it’s just so Eastery if that’s even a word & sweet, but with all of the “Radiant Orchid” talk & the more I’m seeing it it’s beginning to grow on me…ever so slowly.
Here’s a round up of some standouts, that are causing this hue it grow on me.

See you back here Monday.

holliecooperinteriorsAll The Pretty Colours – Orchid

#PineAvenueSpruceUp – POWDER ROOM

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After 6 days we finally have our Internet back up & working.
More importantly this means I was able to get back to The Walking Dead!
We don’t have cable, we stream everything from out computers & iPads & we also have Apple TV. I basically pick a series on Netflix & binge watch to my hearts content. I find this so satisfying at the end of the day to watch 2 or 3 episodes of my latest obsession in a row. 
I’m currently deep into The Walking Dead.
In other news…
We have begun a little project over here, what I am referring to as


We have been in our home for 10 years, which has gone by so fast. We have done a lot, but there are things that have needed just a bit if attention that we have kept putting off. So we have decided that these “little things” will get taken care of & pronto!

I hit up IKEA for a few supplies on the weekend.

I have been painting ceilings, trim, baseboards & doors in the mudroom, Jack n’ Jill bathroom & the main floor powder room.

 The powder room wallpaper has been bugging me for a while now. All of the seams have become very visible & starting to peel. Not to mention all of holes from toilet paper holders, towel rings and the umpteen nail holes. There was cluster of tiny holes under the window, I’m confident in saying that this is some evidence that my little guy left behind when hew was “fixing” something!

A few weeks ago in an attempt to “mask” the paper I chose to hang up 3 large brass rubbings we made on a trip to London many, many years ago – need less to say the satisfaction did not last long.

Spontaneously I began ripping down the wallpaper yesterday.

All of the trim & ceiling are going to remain black, the toilet & pedestal sink are staying as is the slate floor. So basically I need a wall colour, I thinking  Benjamin Moore Oxford White – that is my go to white- but I’m also toying with all black,  new window treatments & some art – I might tackle the canvas myself too – that will incorporate lots of colour, shape & texture.

Last summer I had this plan for the Powder Room.

 I still love the wallpaper, the Peggy Wolfe art & sconces from Black Rooster, but to be honest I need to do this on a super tight budget. I will however be saving these items to use somewhere else in the near future!

Here is my new – kind of – inspirational images.



Night & day right?

We’ll see how it all unfolds.

holliecooperinteriors#PineAvenueSpruceUp – POWDER ROOM


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Happy Friday!
Internet connection issues have had me in silence, so I’m holed up at my neighbourhood Starbucks enjoying a cinnamon latte and catching up on some work. 
I met with some fabulous new clients Monday from here on out they will be referred to as 
My directions were as such:
“We’ll move what you want us to use, the rest will go up to the new cottage, we’re open to buying some new items & reupholster some existing pieces!”
I approached this deign by keeping all the walls & main pieces neutral & then injecting some colour & pattern through the art, area rugs, pillows & accessories.
Here’s where I’m at so far.
Two of the walls in the living / dining room are wall to wall floor to ceiling windows, so this room gets tons of sun. We will be putting up some sheer weave blinds to help with the heat & glare from the sun & to offer some UV protection. Some stationary drapery panels in a cream silk will offer some softness. The client loves sapphire & cobalt blues so I used blue as the accent in this room.

Since they don’t need yet another dining table & chairs, I’m suggesting reupholstering their existing chairs in a textural cream fabric with a rich blue contrast piping & a bistro table & a large piece of art.
This will be the perfect space to have morning coffee & read the paper.

The den will be used for watching the TV on a daily basis, but will also act as a guest bedroom for one of the 7 grand children at any given time. The client requested a daybed with a trundle & I love this one from. There is one small corner window so I thought shades of yellow, blues & greens will add some brightness to the space. Baskets for toys & an existing credenza will be used for additional storage. I also envision a gallery wall of family photos on the TV wall.

I created 2 boards for the master, 1 in corals & the other in soft shades of watery blues. I was torn with the colour scheme. We will reuse some side tables, the lamps on the dresser & art work. 
I think my time is up, I’m getting looks from the barristas! 
Have an amazing weekend.

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Let me start off by apologizing for the radio silence. To be honest I have been feeling a little uninspired lately, I’m going to chalk it up this seemly never-ending winter, until this morning!
I found room designed by Patrick Mele over at House Beautiful, I am loving the yellow sofa, it instantly got me in a good mood, thinking of the coming of spring & for what lies ahead.

Not to mention Jenny’s library.
She too is fearless when it comes to going bold, with a pair of yellow velvet lounge chairs.

How bold are you?

Well I’m off the create a drapery scheme & begin a new client project, there will be more on this but all in due time my friends.


Happy Blog-iversary!!!

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I can’t believe that this little blog has been around for 1 year!
You can see my very first post here.

I have done a lot of learning this past year along with making some great new friends.
Sitting down each day & creating a post & hopefully one’s that you want to read can somedays be daunting, but I love doing it.
This next year my little family & I have some big changes in our future slightly scary but, so exciting. I don’t want to jinx anything until all of the stars have aligned, so you will be left in suspense until the time is right.
No I’m not preggers!

So, I want to know what types of posts are you enjoying or want to see more of?

Designer Spotlight?
My Take on This Room?
Do I bring back “25 Things You Don’t know About Me”series? 
Client projects?
Round Up’s?
New series suggestions?
 A giant thank you each & everyone of you who take the time to read my little piece of blogland, from the bottom of my heart for sticking by me.
All of your support means more to me than you will ever know.

holliecooperinteriorsHappy Blog-iversary!!!

A Malibu Beach House a la Kelly Wearstler

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Good Morning!
It snowed here again last night & all of the white stuff has me dreaming about warm summer days at the beach. 
Speaking of the beach,”Have you seen Kelly Wearstler’s Malibu beach house?” 
Two words people.
 I. DIE. 
Done to true Kelly form, she drew inspiration for the surroundings of the sand & water. The colour scheme plays on the neutral hues of cream, grey & taupe. This home is loaded with amazing textures, vintage furniture, marble galore & what would a KW design be without amazing sculptures?
Have a look.

I could lay on those leather loungers in the living room for days.
To see more KW amazingness click here.
holliecooperinteriorsA Malibu Beach House a la Kelly Wearstler

The Pink Zipper Purge- Fabric Sale

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Good Morning, Good Morning
In anticipation of spring, which can’t come soon enough & my new on-line shop  (there’s a bit if a delay but I’ll fill you in another day), I figured what better time to go through all of my fabrics remnants & sell them off at a steal.

FYI – All of the fabrics I have listed below are designer fabrics with the exception of the IKEA pieces, don’t get me wrong they are OK too!

Happy Shopping!

Black linen chair excellent condition $200 – pick up only

 1 pr 21 x 21 Graffiti pillow covers same fabric on the back – $20 plus shipping

23 x 15 Lily Pulitzer Tail Lights pillow cover same fabric on the back – $20 plus shipping

 35 x 12 Kravet Couture Aomori with smokey aqua velvet on the back – $35 plus shipping

 1 pr 15 x 15 pillow covers same fabric on back – $20 plus shipping

 Studio J “Links” embroidered linen 32″ x 52″ – $30 plus shipping

Studio J “Hex” embroidered linen 31″ x 55″ – $30 plus shipping

Kravet Couture  Silk Stripe 2 yards x 54″w – $40 plus shipping

 Cotton Stripe 24″ x 108″ – $20 plus shipping

JF Fabrics  Embellished Silk 2 yards x 54″ – $50 plus shipping

David Hicks embroidered linen 31″ x 25″ – $30 plus shipping

Thom Filicia Griffin linen 29″ x 51″ – $40 plus shipping

 Plaid plus 68″ x 54″ – $25 shipping

 Marrimekko 20″ x 40″ – $30 plus shipping

 Calvin Klein Deconstruct 16″ x 136″ & 16″ x 64″ – $35 plus shipping

 IKEA cotton 1 yard x 54″ – $10 plus shipping

Master Fabrics Trellis embroidered linen 33″ x 84″ – $40 plus shipping

IKEA cotton 42″ x 54″ – $10 plus shipping

IKEA cotton  54″ x 77″ – $15 plus shipping

IKEA cotton 2 yards x 54″ – $15 plus shipping

 Lily Pulitzer Tail Lights 18″ x 36″ – $20 plus shipping

Mini coopers 1 yard x 54″ – $15 plus shipping

 Studio J Reptilian cut velvet 1 yard x 54″ – $75 plus shipping

Master Fabrics cotton Abstract Floral 1 3/4 yards x 54″ – $45 plus shipping

JF Fabrics satin stripe 1 yard  x 54″- $35 plus shipping

 Studio J velvet embroidered linen 22″ x 54″ – $30 plus shipping

Master Fabrics Batik 23″ x 54″ – $25 plus shipping

 Studio J “chain” embroidered linen 29″ x 54″ – $30 plus shipping

Studio J embroidered silk 19″ x 54″- $30 plus shipping

 Kravet Couture velvet 33″ x 54″- $60 plus shipping

Studio J Mohair 27″ x 54″ – $50 plus shipping

I hope you saw something that you can’t live without!

Leave your email address & what you are interested in, in the comment section & I will send you a Paypal invoice, its that easy friends!

Also don’t forget that Pillotopia is closing & everything in the shop is 50% off.

holliecooperinteriorsThe Pink Zipper Purge- Fabric Sale