Christmas Wish List item #13 – The Last & Most Important!

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So this is the last item that is going on my Christmas Wish list & it’s not anything that anyone can buy or give to me.

It’s more like a gift to myself.

Here is a round up of all the other items on my wish list.

 But in the end all I really want & need is my families health & happiness, all the rest is just icing in the cake!
We have a busy weekend.

 Tonight is the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.

I made mine & it’s a cape really made from a tree skirt I got at the dollar store.
A hot glue gun, a string of gold beads, lots of balls, a few bows & about 1 hour & you could have one too! Were going for a white trash vibe & we all have to bring a tacky apply, I’m going to whip up some bologna & cheese sandwiches!

Saturdary we are hosting both kids parties, one after another here at the house.
I’ll give you a recap Monday of the festivities. We are expecting  a lot of snow tomorrow & even as I’m writing this, it’s like a mini blizzard outside. Here’s hoping all the kids show Along with the entertainment!
Sunday we are off to have one big birthday celebration for my 2 sisters in law, nephew, my 2 kids & my birthday. 
Have a great weekend!
holliecooperinteriorsChristmas Wish List item #13 – The Last & Most Important!

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