I’m Inspired & Some Fabric Sourcing

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I’ve been inspired by these ladies.
They’ve got my mind a racing a million miles per hour.

Let’s begin with Erin over at Design Crisis shall we.
I am dying over her living room! I’m not sure what I love more, the sofa & chair with the outer wood detailing & the shiny chrome legs, the rug, the art over the sofa – with a hole in it I might add – I like that too, maybe it’s been places & has stories to tell!
Now the walls, they are not a colour which has never been in my repertoire, but I will need to reconsider it.
I think it is simply smashing!

Erin also participated in the 6 week Design Challenge. She chose her dinette area & in my humble opinion, she knocked it out of the park again with her fearless use of colour & mixing of design styles. The bench fabric, the chandy & the hide are my faves.

& everything on the table top was thrifted to boot!

Jenny killed it with her awesome jellyfish inspired art – I feel a project coming on!

This Christmas ornament that Abby painted has, just added another holiday project to my list, but think black & white.

The headboard & pillow colours in Julie’s bedroom makeover have me yearning for rich blues & purples…together.

I’m seeing one of my clients tomorrow & am having to source an alternate to this budget busting Barbra Barry fabric for her kitchen drapery.
Although it’s the perfect one for the space, the the price is not!

It is showing up as very creamy yellow, but it’s actually a beautiful soft creamy white.
However, here are a few of my alternates.

This textured linen from JFFabrics is a possibility.

My other idea is to have a solid linen with this 3″ decorative tapes added down the lead edges & bottom of the panels.

Sourcing must continue, so that’s all for now.
Come back tomorrow to see newest item added to my Christmas Wish List.

holliecooperinteriorsI’m Inspired & Some Fabric Sourcing

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