New Projects & a thank you

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It was a very exciting day yesterday. I was awarded 2 new projects!!!
The first is a custom home, which I will refer as Maple Ave. Project from here on out. 
I will be meeting with the clients this week to begin nailing down the overall design and feel.
Then I’ll get cracking on creating an amazing space.
Maple Ave. is strictly for selling purposes, the clients will not actually live there. The attention to detail and the materials used is especially important because of where the home is and what the expected asking price is going to be.
More on this next week when we have nailed a few things down.
Project #2 is a Hair Salon, more specifically the salon that I go to.

It is moving to a house (actually the home that I first lived in when I was just a baby)
All I was told that the space is on the small side in comparison to what the stylists have now.
 I must be creative with the layout and storage solutions.
I would also like to incorporate the name of the salon into the design somehow, I certainly don’t mean  rainbow murals on the walls, so I best put my thinking cap on!!!
So upon getting the call, I jumped on my laptop and began the search for inspirational ideas and here is what I found.

slightly industrial with surface applied moulding on mirror & crystal chandeliers – brilliant!

mirrored herringbone ceiling- need I say more?

clean & slightly rustic
amazing lighting

awesome floor
crisp – great light
simple with a little crystal storage behind the mirrors
Amazing floor
Here are a few other items that I came across that I think are pretty cool

This light is pretty quirky – I love it!
This NEEDS to happen somewhere, does anyone know where this is from????

Once I see the new space I will have a clear design direction.

One more thing-
Remember there is a 20% off sale over at Pillotopia for the month of March use coupon code march2013

I just wanted to say a thank you for reading my daily posts, it means a lot to me that there some peeps out there who want to read what I have to say. If you have a minute leave me a quick comment so I know that someone is out there.

Have a lovely day!

Hollie xo

holliecooperinteriorsNew Projects & a thank you

One Comment on ““New Projects & a thank you”

  1. Christine Dovey

    LOVE the wallpaper and the super fun hairdryer chandys- I saw one of those at a blowdry place in NY…very cool. Also loving all of your inspiration- I vote for a combo of crisp and re purposed…gorgeous!

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