Operation Sewing Room – The Reveal

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I think this has been the quickest turnaround on a project that I have ever done.
 I wanted to have it completed as fast as possible, for as little money as possible & do it all on my own.

As a reminder here is what the space in the basement looked like before.

Here was my design plan.

I pretty much stuck to original vision, but while at my local Home Depot, collecting the paint and supplies for the one wall, I spotted this.

Really, how hard is it to put up wallpaper anyways?
I thought if it gets me out of painting, I’ll give it a try, on the end wall.
All in all it wasn’t too difficult, but I’m not going to try this myself EVER again. I’ll leave it to the pros.

Next I hit up IKEA, and was able to purchase the bookcases, rugs, drapery panels and the pendant light.

So here is where all the sewing magic happens now!

I am very pleased with how my little corner turned out and cost a total of $386.66
I consider that a success!

This was a good exercise, in buying only the minimum and then re purposing what I already had.
I hope to spend some time in my new space over the weekend and create a few additions for the shop.

Have a beautiful day!

Hollie xo

holliecooperinteriorsOperation Sewing Room – The Reveal

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