The Hand Written Note, Is It Lost Forever?

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It seems as thought the hand written note has been replaced by emails, texts & the list goes on. 
Actually, I think it’s just been lost & forgotten.
It is nice feeling to get an actual piece of mail, addressed to you and waiting at the end of a long day & filled with kind words. 
The time and thoughtfulness that goes into a letter is not just the beautiful message inside but the stationary to which it has been written. 
I found this on Pinterest the other day & fell in love with it.

This piece of stationary from Crane & Co. got me thinking, maybe I’ll start to send less “It’s been a long time” & “Thank you” emails and more hand written beauties, especially if they are on some of these.

All of the cards above are from Crane & Co.  & they have a ton to choose from. They also have a great etiquette section to assist with all of the formalities.

While putting this post together I came across this and it really sums up the simplicity and importance of the hand written letter – click here

A handwritten note shows the receiver that you took the time to do something nice & thoughtful.
 Time is something we should all take more of, to enjoy all that is around us.
So, sit down a put pen to paper.
Enjoy your Monday.

Hollie xo

holliecooperinteriorsThe Hand Written Note, Is It Lost Forever?

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