#thebigapple Part 1

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It was a long drive back from NYC and sleeping in my own bed never felt so good.
We had an great trip and are already planning on going back next summer.
B&O were awesome little travellers and wanted to stay, they thought hotel living was pretty cool.

Here is a little recap of what we did
This was a special afternoon that I planned for B. We were going to American Girl so she could pick out a very special “bitty baby”.
I do love that you can pick a doll that looks just like you & wear matching outfits, for every occasion that you can think of, if you want to.
B chose her bitty baby who she named Edaline.
We enjoyed a lovely lunch in the sweetest restaurant that was all black, white and pink.

As a Mom to a little girl I really like that AG promotes self confidence, loyalty, friendship, sportsmanship & that being yourself is the best way to be, everyone else is already taken.
While we ladies did lunch the guys went to the Museum of Natural History and saw some dinosaurs, and ate hot dogs Central Park.  
Unfortunately, O was running, with his hands in his pocket, tripped and did a real number on the left side of his face. The “Magic Cream” (polysporin) is working so hopefully no scars.
For dinner we stumbled upon 

Let me just say that if you are in NYC and you love burgers, it’s a must.
I happen to be married to a burger aficionado, and he thought that the 5 Napkin Burger was the shiz.
The atmosphere and food are excellent, our waiter who I affectionately referred to as Fantastic Greg also made the evening a good one.
5NB also has locations in Miami & Boston.

The boys had planned to go see the soccer game so that left the whole afternoon for my Mom, B & I to do a few things that the guys weren’t interested in like…

The store was great. I loved the simplicity mixed with lots of colour & I scored a new black and white fabric that will be added to the shop very soon.
See what Marimekko has in store here

We also went into the mecca of all ribbon, notions, chains, I could go on and on.

I picked up some gold studs & am going to create some loveliness for the shop too.

I had the best gelato EVER at this little place

Eataly is a grocery store of sorts & everything is from Italy. I would totally shop here if there was one close by.
I indulged in the salted caramel gelato in a just made waffle cone, SUPER-DUPER YUMMY!!!
Lastly, we stopped in at

I love this store, I could very easily have spent an entire day on the main floor alone.
One of the things I like about it is, the interior is really old & rustic & it’s like they just dropped in place tons of beautiful things, a perfect setting if you ask me.
So, my Mom had a magazine clipping of some bathroom accessories she was wanting to purchase, but the few items were going to come in around $1500, so that was a no go!

I just have one question –
How can someone possibly purchase a $1200 for a waste paper basket and think that’s OK?
This is not a joke I saw the price tag with my own two eyes & if you would like the soap dish it too could be yours for $280.
Holy Dina!

On the upside, I did discover a beautiful collection of tableware
Bella Porcelain by Jan Burtz

Each and every piece is hand made. There are ready made pieces or you can go the custom colour route
You can see more of Jan’s here

Well that’s all she wrote. I’ll be back tomorrow with #thebigapple Part 2

Hollie xo

holliecooperinteriors#thebigapple Part 1

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