25 Things You Don’t Know About Me #11 Stacey From Design Addict Mom

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Happy Tuesday!
The writer behind the blog Design Addict Mom is here to share her “25 Things’. Stacey’s piece of the blogosphere overflows with gorgeous & unique spaces that are truly eye-catching. 

1. I am an only girl.

2. I have a phallic fascination; always gravitate to art, or inanimate objects that look like a penis (maybe because I am from a family of all boys or I’m really weird?)

3. I was a model back in my younger days.

4. I don’t share towels, toothbrushes etc.

5. I hate a dirty microwave.

6. I usually cannot have dinner until the kitchen is tidy or the sink is empty. My eyes tend to wander when I eat and I like to see everything in its place.

7. I went to an all girls teachers’ college in Jamaica.

8. I was the youngest student in my first year in college; age 15.

9. I used to be very brilliant which explains #8. I say used to because after two kiddos and still suffering from sleep deprivation, not all brain cells function the way they used to.

10. I was a Spanish teacher for three years at a high school before I became an elementary school teacher. Spanish was my major before I went on to receive my Masters in Elementary Education.

11. I am not amicable before having coffee in the morning.

12. I cannot live without coffee.

13. I hate doing cleanses because they usually involve no coffee consumption.

14. I am scared of lightening and will hide in a closet if I have to.

15. At that all girls’ college that I mentioned above, there was a “no physical contact” rule when a girl’s boyfriend would visit etc. I broke that rule all the time. That was just ridiculous, right?

16. In High School, I was caught kissing a boy (so embarrassing) by a teacher. That boy is my hubby today.

17. Eating tiramisu is an orgasmic experience for me.

18. When we lived in Italy I accidentally burnt down a tree during Christmas time. Apparently, there were too many lights for the type of outlet I used. That’s when I learned the word brusciato (burnt in Italian). My Italian neighbours never let me forget that accident. The hubby was deployed at the time, so I had no guidance and I just wanted to light up the cypress tree.

19. I lick my hubby’s face if I’ve had too much to drink.

20. It doesn’t take much liquor for me to start the licking process.

21. I do not like frogs and toads.

22. I love to travel and to experience different cultures.

23. I don’t eat pork.

24. It annoys me when people don’t make eye contact during a conversation.

25. I always try to see the good in people.

Thanks Stacey for stopping by.
If you don’t already follow Stacey on Pinterest or you should, theres lots of pretty!
Until we meet again! (tomorrow)
holliecooperinteriors25 Things You Don’t Know About Me #11 Stacey From Design Addict Mom

6 Comments on “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me #11 Stacey From Design Addict Mom”

  1. zanetastyle

    Fun to get to know Stacey more(: the part that you are smart is visible from your blog my dear and the kicking hubby info is just funny!! Love it(: hugs z

  2. LiveLaughDecorate

    Dying over these details! The phallic obsession, kissing of boys at an all girls school (couldn’t be my alma mater at all) and u my dear should clearly drink loads of coffee and very little alcohol, although I’m sure the hubs would disagree! Thanks for sharing and so great to meet Holly.

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