A Commission

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I was contacted by the lovely  Dominique over at Comfy Cozy Couture & she has commissioned me to hand paint some fabric for a project. I won’t tell you exactly what I’m making with it, I’ll leave that to her.  Here’s a small glimpse of what I’m up to.

This little number is inspired by Pierre Frey.
If you are interested in having me create a one of a kind fabric for you drop me a line I’d love to create some magic for you!

Until tomorrow.
holliecooperinteriorsA Commission

Indigo Spring Summer 2014 Preview – Part 2

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As I mentioned yesterday Indigo has collaborated with a few Etsy shops & select locations will be carrying some of these handmade works.
Ceramicist Courtney Hamill is behind the amazing pieces she creates in her 200 sq ft. studio.

This gal doesn’t really need an intro & her prints really speak for themselves.

If you ask me, ditch the typical souvenir & pick up a few of these “Canadian-scented” candles.

Having a party & want to add a nostalgic touch. Three words, brown paper, twine & confetti!

Visit Knot & Bow

A husband & wife team create beautiful cutting boards & more with lots of love & detail.

Useful, beautiful, colourful & inspiration come together, one by one.

This was not a sponsored post. I only show & highlight product that I truly love & want to share with my readers.

holliecooperinteriorsIndigo Spring Summer 2014 Preview – Part 2

Indigo Spring & Summer 2014 Preview – Part 1

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Well it’s the beginning of a new week & I have promised myself, that all you will see a new post everyday this week. 
I was invited to the Indigo Spring & Summer 2014 preview of all of the great new items they will be having in store for you to buy up.  Certain Indigo locations have also teamed up with some amazing Etsy shops to sell their products in store, but I’ll get to that tomorrow. You won’t be disappointed!
There was so much to see home, fashion, outdoor entertaining & some great stationary items. So I’m going to break down my faves from each category.
These 3 doggie prints are so freaking adorable, they would a great whimsical touch to a powder room.
They also make me want to go to Paris & have wine & a ride a bike with a baguette sticking out of my basket!
These dipped pillows are great if you want to give a slight nod to the nautical vibe at the cottage.
I know these are not new, but I do enjoy the simplicity of these mugs.
These pieces would be so fun to incorporate into your Easter tablescape.
I would have the large bunny dish hold a beautiful bar of soap in the powder room for when guest come over for Easter dinner.
I must get my hands on these gorgeous cloth napkins. The colourful water coloured pattern instantly makes you feel springy & happy. They also come in a blue/green colourway, shown the photo above.
This lightweight linen scarf in a water coloured effect must be mine!
Pastels are an instant sign of spring & you can put a ton of stuff into these totes.
Along with the scarf, this buttery soft leather clutch in smokey amethyst will somehow finds it way into my wardrobe.
This would also make a great Mother’s Day or birthday gift for the fashionable gal in your life.
 Wouldn’t a whole bunch of these terrariums be awesome hanging inside the spokes of an umbrella? Some could have succulents & other could have tea lights. Perfect of an evening party.
Awesome pieces for a self serve bar for said party above. Make up a large batch of a tasty drink & let all of the guests help them selves.
Get all of you amazing drink & party ideas from this little book. 
These gold embossed leather journals make me want to put pen to paper.

 These are adorable note card that the kids could use for writing thank yous.

As you know Indigo has a HUGE card & gift wrap section, but these new selections are to die for. The colour, patters & textures are so so good. If you need to do some wrapping go get some of this stuff pronto.

While enjoying all that Indigo has to come I enjoyed a delicious drink of peach nectar, soda water with a handful of blueberries floating around – Super Yummy!
This was not a sponsored post. I only show & highlight product that I truly love & want to share with my readers.
holliecooperinteriorsIndigo Spring & Summer 2014 Preview – Part 1

We’re Officially For Sale

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Happy Friday Friends!
The sign was put up on the front lawn yesterday, so it’s official.

We’re For Sale!!!

I will admit that the idea of moving from this home is slightly scary & sad, but I am very excited to begin something new & that out weighs all of the other stuff! Who’s kidding who, getting to design & styling a new home is just beyond. The Mr & I have so many thoughts & ideas that we want to incorporate into our new space. Once we actually find our new nest I will be sharing all of the inspiration, design boards, befores, afters & all of the stuff that happens in between.

 If you want to see the virtual tour of my home, click here.

I attended the Chapter / Indigo Spring & Summer Preview last night. There is so much great stuff & amazing gift ideas to share with you so make sure you come back Monday to see the items that made my list of favourites.

Have a great weekend!

holliecooperinteriorsWe’re Officially For Sale

Wednesday Wants – Marble Topped Cocktail Table

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I have always loved to look of a marble topped cocktail table.
We currently have a Noguchi cocktail table that we love. Although the glass top is very thick & heavy, it can easily slide right off the base & onto the floor. Not to safe with kids. I will admit that we have had a few close calls. So with our upcoming living situation changing & wanting a whole new look, I’m thinking now would be a great time to change up the table situation!

Here are a few of my faves.

images 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

holliecooperinteriorsWednesday Wants – Marble Topped Cocktail Table

#pineavenuespruceup – The Basement Reveal!

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Happy Monday!
Today I have a small but exciting reveal. 
After a few weeks of dealing with drywall dust & paint fumes the basement is finally complete.
3 years ago in order to deal with the abundance of toys & wanting a place where the kids could play freely & I could simply walk away from the mess. We chose to divide the basement in half. One half was kept for storage, the furnace & the hot water tank. We put drywall up on the walls & a laminate floor. The walls were never finished & the ceiling was left open, but there was plenty of space of playing & having fun. 
The walls & ceiling were properly taped & finished, flat stock baseboard & trim were applied & everything went bright white. To use what we already had I mixed all of the partial cans of white paint into a large bucket. By doing this saved about $200!
Here are a few before’s so you can really appreciate the afters.

Here are the afters.

My most loved space is the gallery wall of the kids art.

I am very proud to say that the only items purchased to complete this space was some simple white frames for the gallery wall!
I am completely obsessed with all the white – I just want to paint everything!

holliecooperinteriors#pineavenuespruceup – The Basement Reveal!

Kids Art Gallery Wall

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I am on the home stretch of #pineavenuespruceup & today I am putting the finishing touches on the basement. I have been saving the kids art work since they began preschool 3 years ago. I have clear plastic bins with a lockable lid for each child. When they come home with a fabulous creation, we hang it up for a bit then into the bin it goes. Admittedlty I have thrown away a lot, don’t tell them though. 
 I decided that since the basement is their playroom & space for creativity what better place to create a gallery wall of some of my most favourite pieces of art they have brought home to date. I have tried my best to narrow it down to 10 or 12 pieces, but it was tough!
I’m going to go to good old IKEA to pick up some frames in all different sizes. 
In my mind I’m thinking all white frames & matings.
Here’s some kid gallery wall inspiration.

For those of you with kids, what have you done will all the art that gets brought home?  
holliecooperinteriorsKids Art Gallery Wall

Wednesday Wants – Leather button tufted sofa

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I have long dreamed of a tuffted leather sofa & with a new house on the horizon I am thinking that one of these might have to happen. 

Although this is in no way what I described above, this Clamshell sofa would be amazing with the scheme I am planning.

Until tomorrow.

Images 12. 3. 4.
holliecooperinteriorsWednesday Wants – Leather button tufted sofa

My new website is just around the corner

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I have been working on getting my new website off the ground since the beginning of the new year & it is slowly coming along, mainly due to my, wanting it to be just right because I can see it exactly how I want it in my mind.
In February I had the uber talented Michelle Peek photograph some of my work, with the assistance of the equally amazing Sara Wilde for my portfolio. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I have not had any real pics taken of any of my work for all these years- I know that is bad, bad, bad!
So it was a wonderful surprise to open my in box yesterday & see this.

After seeing these images that of spaces that I have created, I got really excited & I have vowed to have my work photographed from now on.

If you like what you see, I’d be thrilled to create a space for you just drop me a line.

I also have created a business Facebook page, click here & like it, if you please!

On that happy note I am off the fill about a gazillion nail holes in the basement! 
All going well a few  #pineavenuespruceup reveals will happen this week.
holliecooperinteriorsMy new website is just around the corner