A Valentine’s Day Breakfast

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I wouldn’t say that I am a real lover of Valentine’s Day, but I won’t turn down a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a box of decadent chocolates, a lovely fragrance or a romantic dinner.

My kids are convinced that Cupid, much like Santa Claus & the Easter Bunny, visit our house only once they are sound asleep & leave them various kinds of treats. They are very into Valentine’s Day this year for some reason, so I feel that I needed to “do it up” for their sake.

They will one day discover that Cupid is not real but until then I will happily play along, so I decided to surprise them with a Valentine Breakfast.

Happy Valentine’s Day from these 2 sweet hearts!

holliecooperinteriorsA Valentine’s Day Breakfast

My Take on This Room #2 – A Romantic Sitting Room

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner I thought it would be fun to do a – My Take On The Room – post by re-creating this romantic sitting room designed by Hal Williamson, my way. 

wing chairs / settee / cocktail table / side table / chair / mirror / urns / chandy
area rug /  painting / photograph / paint colour

So what do you think?

Have a lovely day my sweets.

holliecooperinteriorsMy Take on This Room #2 – A Romantic Sitting Room

DIY – Bear Hugs Valentines

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This is a cute & super easy Valentine DIY craft.
Step 1
Decorate a small white paper bag.
 We bedazzled our bags with stamps & stickers.

Step 2
Fill the bag with some Teddy Grams cookies.

Step 3 
Write a note to your special valentine & single hole punch one side of your card.

Step 4
Tie with a colourful ribbon.
I folded the bag over and used a single hole punch & pulled the ribbon throughout the bag & the card.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeeezy!

holliecooperinteriorsDIY – Bear Hugs Valentines

Take a Seat – Make a Friend?

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With Valantine’s Day coming up on Friday I thought I would share some “lovey things” with you this week.
 Friday night was spent with my kids at a Valentine’s event & the theme was not so much Valentines Day, but more about love, friendship & kindness.
We began the evening by watching this video & I have to say it really spoke to me.
Starting a conversation with a stranger can be intimidating, but what do you have to lose?
I think we need more ball pits in our lives! 

holliecooperinteriorsTake a Seat – Make a Friend?

Dressing Room Dreaming

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I  read an article from Domino yesterday that spoke about turning a spare room in to a Dressing Room. Sounds nice right?!
You can read the article & see all of the pictures here.
It got me thinking if I was able to have a dressing room of my very own. What would my dream dressing room look like?

This one from Nate Berkus pretty much sums it up.

Pattern on the floor, great hardware, a place to sit, ceiling height shelving, fabulous mix of lighting, a large mirror a place for the luggage (instead of lugging it up & down from the basement, makes sense right?!). The only thing I would add would dressing table to sit & do my make up & dab on a pretty scent. Also a fun wallpaper on one wall for a touch of whimsy.

Here is the dressing room I dreamt up for myself, should I ever be so lucky to have one!

carpet / wallpaper / ottoman / ceiling light / wall sconces / dressing table / chair

How do you envision your dressing room? Maybe I can help!

holliecooperinteriorsDressing Room Dreaming

Some Fabric Inspiration Turned Into A Room

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Good Morning.
Good Evening, it has literally taken me all day to get the post finished for various reasons.
As the saying goes, better late than never!
Sorry for the lack of post yesterday, I was so focused on going through all of the product catalogues I got from the Toronto Gift & Retail Show that I lost all sense of time. After creating a collection of items for the new shop, that I was very happy with, I began the process of connecting with the various companies. Many emails & conversations later, I soon discovered that the minimum order dollar amounts & the minimum quantities required of each item were far beyond the financial investment I was willing / able to make right now. Not to mention the products I selected come from Europe & the lead times are 6-8 weeks.

So It’s back to the drawing board.  I really want to see how this goes & perhaps I can revisit my original plan. 
Insert disappointed face here.
While were on the shop topic just a reminder that,

Pillotipia is closing at the end of the month & everything is 50% off & must go.
Please go & buy up some, you know you want to!

While looking for new fabrics I found this lovely fabric.

I love this fabric, it would make a stunning pair of drapery with some large chartreuse coloured pom poms trim going down the lead edge.
I was so inspired by it that I created a room based on it’s loveliness.

 table / chairs / fabricphotograph / wall sconces / mirror / area rug / credenza / chandelier
wall paint / ceiling paint

What do you think?

holliecooperinteriorsSome Fabric Inspiration Turned Into A Room

Sourcing For The New Shop

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Hip Hip Hurray It’s Friday!
The kiddies have a PD Day today so I’m gonna get right to the point.
I attended the Toronto Gift & Retail Show yesterday to source some special items for my new shop. There was a lot of stuff you see everywhere & tackiness galore but a few amazing things got me very excited. 

Everything about these 3 images evokes the type of shop that I am hoping for. Simple, sculptural & unique with a bit of whimsy.

What do you think?

If this is the direction of the items that I will have for sale, is this something that would interest you?
I am also looking at lotions, potions & a bit of jewellery. I have also chosen not to share my sources was of yet, be patient all be will be revealed in due time.

holliecooperinteriorsSourcing For The New Shop


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If you follow my Instagram &/or Twitter then you know by now that I am closing my Etsy shop, Pillotopia. Although the ride has been fun I have a new venture in the works. With the launch of my impending website (which I hope is live on March 1st) I will be opening a new shop that will involve much more than pillows. There will still be pillows, because I love them, but also an assortment of carefully selected accessories & gift items for the home. 
So with that being said 

Please use the coupon code below at the checkout.
Oh & one last thing, just because the shop is closing doesn’t mean you can’t still hire me for some
 E-Design or contact me at [email protected]

See you tomorrow.

holliecooperinteriorsCLOSING TIME