A New Project – The Shack Out Back

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I have a new client and we are converting half of the existing garage at the cottage into
a guest house, and it has been lovingly named,
The Shack Out Back 
The garage is pretty big, 24′ x 24′ to be exact, so we will be converting the back half
so we have a 12′ x 24′ blank slate, and we will be taking advantage of the open rafters.
I was given some inspirational photos, for the most part everything was shades of white & natural wood tones. There was also a list of wants that went something like this:
1) add a toilet
2) have a sink in the kitchenette area
3) sleep a minimum of 4
4) an outdoor shower
5) access into the garage.
Here are just a few of the inspiration photos I was sent
I love the overall feeling, and I am running like the wind with it!

I began working on the floor plan, this is what I came up with.


In this space there are no windows or doors so I began by adding 3 sets of french doors  along one of the long walls to allow for lots of light and access.
This area backs onto a very large and private side yard, which is perfect for the outdoor shower.
There is also the other long wall that is all a mix of open and closed storage.

In the bathroom area I added a bump-out to allow for the toilet and added a bifold shutter door.
I also proposed a wall to help separate the bathroom area from the rest of the space.

The kitchenette will have straight run of counter. I’m thinking butcher block, subway tile and open shelving, super simple. The eye candy will come in with the styling of the open shelves.

A wall to separate the living area from the sleeping area will also act as the headboard for the queen size platform bed, and 2 sets of built in bunk beds with open shelving on the ends.

My overall plan has been approved, now it’s off to find all the pretty stuff!!!
I’ll be showing you my design boards of the awesome stuff I found tomorrow,
so come back again!

Hollie xo
holliecooperinteriorsA New Project – The Shack Out Back

All the pretty colours – Neon

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This is the kick off of a new series here at TPZ.
A few times a month I’ll assemble a medley of bewitching images in a distinct colour.
I don’t know about you but I’ve had it with winter and am wishing for warmer weather, 
not a middle of July scorcher, but a light jacket wearing May.
Neon’s are on tap today,
because what says “beat it cold weather” better than super brights on a gloomy winter day.

This is how you do a fun and sophisticated table scape!

via pinterest

String Art

via pinterest
Funky dip dyed Easter eggs, I’ll be DIY’ing these for sure
via pinterest
Nothing says welcome quite like neon lime
 via pinterest
This is my all time favourite shade of pink
 via pinterest

Amazing Art, I might need this one to add to my collection!
This chic is most certainly confident
via pinterest
I love this painting on paper with the lace imprint and the drips
Classic jewellery pieces with a fresh and exciting twist

This tea towel will brighten up any kitchen
Multi coloured dipped wooden bowls
How brave are you in the neon department?

Hollie xo
holliecooperinteriorsAll the pretty colours – Neon

Ensuite Evolution – The design

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Demo is completed and now we have to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. 
Floor has been levelled and a larger shower has be framed.
Plumber and electrician have done their bit.
Here is my design, we like it, and it’s ALL been purchased.
The only thing I am unsure on is the waterfall counter, solid surface or marble?
Here are the options, what’s your vote?
Caesarstone 3142 White Shimmer
Bianco Carrera
All of the millwork and the glass and metal shelving tower is going to be sprayed in 
Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron 2124-10
My local HomeSense had some beautiful crystal canisters for display, so I nabbed them
The Super Store had luxurious towels in white and grey, I grabbed them too.
Seriously, I had no idea the towels there were so good… go there if you need some,
the prices were great !
I’ll have some progress pics later this week.
Hollie xo
holliecooperinteriorsEnsuite Evolution – The design


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Eskayel was founded in 2008 by artist Shanan Campanaro and is based in Brooklyn, NY.
They are dedicated to making eco-friendly made fabrics, wall coverings, custom rugs,
pillows, art, scarves & more.
I love how every item is one of a kind.

If you stick around with me you will soon discover that I like to be
distinct in my design choices.

Wall Coverings





You can see more of their awesome stuff  http://eskayel.com I can’t possibly show it all!

Eskayel’s offerings reminds me of this little number
Sarah Michelle Gellar wore to the Golden Globes in 2012.
It had rather mix reviews, but I LOVE it!

Inspired by Eskayel I created a Spring Design Board based on one of their offerings.

Hollie xo


Ensuite Evolution – Master Ensuite Series # I

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  I’ve decided to create a series on the renovation of our Master Ensuite, so with out further ado…
When we built our home 9 years ago 
we knew the neighbourhood we wanted to live in and raise our family. 
Funnily enough, we ended up buying the house next door to where I lived when I was a kid. 
So, we began by taking a wrecking ball to it and started from scratch.

We love our home, but I have to admit my taste has really changed over the years, so there is usually some sort of project going on.
The master ensuite is something that has been on the list for a few years but as we all know 
bathrooms are
so we agreed to wait…do it once…exactly how we want.
What we started with was corner shower with white subway tile, one sink with a wall mounted faucet, a free standing claw foot tub with floor mounted faucet & ceramic tile on the floor.  

My thoughts are veering towards this:
lots of pretty items to display, wall sconces

glass shower, great ceiling fixture & drapery

steam line freestanding tub

lots of marble

black millwork
all images above via Pinterest
And these are what the other half desires

images above via Google

As you can see we are on completely different pages other than the black and white colour scheme.
Wish me luck on merging our distinctly opposite styles!
Hollie xo
holliecooperinteriorsEnsuite Evolution – Master Ensuite Series # I

Jumping in with Both Feet…

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Well here I go.

I’m taking the plunge.

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I can’t believe I’m, actually going to do this.

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This is my very first blog post, ever.

The Pink Zipper
I decided to create this blog as an outlet to share my thoughts, not just on interior design,
but there will be lot’s of that!

My hope is to divvy up my

design crushes


current projects

the never-ending parental odyssey
 to help make the day to day grind a little more beautiful,
with a dose of humour!

Why are you saving the Gramdma’s china for a special occasion anyways?
You’re special aren’t you?

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I’ll also fill you in on my everyday life with my husband of 12 years
 my 4 year old twins

Plus all of the other great stuff that goes on in these parts.

So basically what makes me, me!
Hollie xo

holliecooperinteriorsJumping in with Both Feet…