Sourcing For The New Shop

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Hip Hip Hurray It’s Friday!
The kiddies have a PD Day today so I’m gonna get right to the point.
I attended the Toronto Gift & Retail Show yesterday to source some special items for my new shop. There was a lot of stuff you see everywhere & tackiness galore but a few amazing things got me very excited. 

Everything about these 3 images evokes the type of shop that I am hoping for. Simple, sculptural & unique with a bit of whimsy.

What do you think?

If this is the direction of the items that I will have for sale, is this something that would interest you?
I am also looking at lotions, potions & a bit of jewellery. I have also chosen not to share my sources was of yet, be patient all be will be revealed in due time.

holliecooperinteriorsSourcing For The New Shop

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