25 Things You Don’t Know about Me – #2 MFAMB

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For today’s 25 Things I’ve got someone you all know, or you should get to know now.
It’s Jenny from MFAMB.

If you don’t already read Jenny’s exploits of hilarity you must, she’s the only person who can talk about poop and toots and be so cool about it! The writer behind this great blog is also an actress, a kick ass artist & has a keen eye for interiors too!

So with out further ado, Heeerrrreee’s JENNY! (try to imagine that in Ed McMahon’s voice)


1. i am a sagittarius
2. i had sex with 80’s asshole heart-throb, craig sheffer.  he stuck it in my butt.
3. i have only had butt sex 1 time.
4. i hate cheese.
5. i am an actress first and foremost. a painter second.
6. i like cats the best. 
7. i want to live on a farm. with lots of cats. 
8. my favorite foreign city is london.
9. the only foreign country i’ve been to is england.
10. i don’t go a lot of places.
11. i hate people who are late all the time.  seriously, if you are late a lot and were wondering if i hated you.  you wondered correct. 
12. i did improv comedy for 15 years.
13. i love wes anderson films more than all those people who say they love wes anderson films.
14. i would have voted for jimmy carter if i could have voted back then. 
15. i am a weak atheist. 
16. i eat puffed rice cereal with agave and coconut milk before bed every day.
17. i love to clean my ears out with qtips. i go deep. i can’t hear very well in my left ear. do you think this is the reason? 
18. i can watch hot fuzz any time. it doesn’t even matter what’s happening. i will stop that shit immediately to watch. 
20. i love gardening.  but it’s hard.
21. i can’t wait to drink my coffee every morning. in fact i really can’t wait to go to sleep at night just so i can wake up and drink my coffee.
22. you might be still wondering if #2 is even true. it is. and so is #3.
23. i am in love with my tv.
24. i like wine a lot. one of my dreams is to drink and eat my way through france. i intend to get gout as a result.
25. my daughter is the love of my life. 

When I first asked Jenny to participate in this new & fun series, her reaction went like this
“yes! believe it or not i LIVE for those gay ass (i mean that in the best way possible) questionnaire things. count me in! So I knew with that response that she would come up some goodies.

If you want to read “25 Things You don’t Know About Me #1 – Hollie from TPZ”- click here

Have a wicked day kids!

holliecooperinteriors25 Things You Don’t Know about Me – #2 MFAMB

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