25 Things You Don’t Know About Me #3 – Sarah From Prairie Perch

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The 3rd instalment of “25 Thing” is Sarah from

I began reading Prairie Perch about 6 months ago, it’s on daily rotation & is a real winner in my books. Always full of awesome images & inspiration, I look forward to Sarah’s Top 5 Series too. Let me just say that this girl from the Canadain Prairie’s knows good style.

25 things about little ol’ me. (In no particular order.)

1. As a teenager I took riding lessons and competed here and there in equestrian competitions. 
2. Mice terrify me.
3. I want to eat chocolate every day. 
4. My husband is my best friend. Married 7 years.
5. 1,600 people live in my small town. 
6. I can’t decide on one favourite colour but pink and blue are definitely favourites.
7. I’ve run a marathon. Never again. 
8. I like to cook (mostly because I like to eat). 
9. Are we there yet? 25 is a lot! 
10. I’m not that interesting. 
11. I chase after 2 little kids all day, and for some reason, I’m thinking I want to add another little one to the tribe. 
12. I sew curtains and pillows. Once upon a time I sewed a dress, and that will not likely happen again.
13. I teach piano lessons. 
14. I homeschool my kids. 
15. I’m growing my first garden this summer. 
16. 30 is happening in August. Yikes! 
17. Being under water is one of my favourite places to be (until I run out of air of course). 
18. I wore braces as a teenager but ever body seems to these days.
19. I like white. 
20. We don’t own a tv. Netflix is my friend. 
21. I live in jeans. 
22. I’m a wanna be artist.
23. I clear my throat a lot. 
24. I live with the grammer police. 
25. Coffee is a necessity.

There you have it! If you’ve not read Sarah’s blog before start now by clicking here.

I’m off to a preschool graduation. Have a great Tuesday!

holliecooperinteriors25 Things You Don’t Know About Me #3 – Sarah From Prairie Perch

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