25 Things You Don’t Know About Me #4 – Christine of Bijou & Boheme

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It’s Tuesday so that means another edition of:
25 Things You Don’t know About Me 
 Today I am please to have my very talented friend Christine of Bijou & Boheme sharing her 25. 
 In a few short years Christine has made her mark & things are stating to pay off big time! 
B & B is always full to the brim with lots of amazing eye candy & inspiration. I ‘m sure many will be curious about Christine’s 25.
Without further ado…

1. I used to be a grade 3 homeroom/art teacher…and before that I wanted to be a psychologist

2. I was born on the 7th day of the 7th month and weighed 7 pounds and 7 ounces…consider 7s super duper lucky
3. Our family has 6 members…you now know how I like 7s…pretty sure my husband will divorce me if he reads this
4. I have slight OCD tendencies- can’t leave the house with the beds unmade or things lying around on the floor…a sink full of dishes is totally acceptable to my brain though
5. I was born in Vancouver (and lived there twice,) grew up mostly in Ontario but consider PEI to be the place where my heart is the happiest
6. My eldest daughter Natasha was actually my student way back in 2002…I was her teacher the year her mother passed away…a few years later, her dad took me out to thank me for all the extra time I had spent with her and shortly after that, we got married…I legally adopted my sweeet big girl shortly after that and now, we’re one big happy family
7. I’m pretty sure that I’ve been dehydrated for at least the last 20 years…my daily drink routine basically goes coffee, decaf coffee, sip of something, glass of wine
8. Watching streamed TV on my computer is basically my life
9. I have weirdly small hands and feet- people are often surprised that I can balance on the nubs I call toes
10. I had red hair until I was about 7…so hoping my daughter’s actually stays put
11. Chocolate has to be stored in the freezer as far as I’m concerned…frozen white chocolate Lindor balls are responsible for at least 5 of the pounds I want to loose
12. I hate zoos…the caged up chimps always make me feel like humans suck
13. The only thing I hate more than zoos is guns…loathe everything about them with a fiery passion
14. Speaking of hate, I hate the word hate…and the word moist for that matter…love, love, love comeuppance though
15. I’ve never really been religious but have been in the room with both my Nana and my mother-in-law when they passed away and am pretty damn sure that when you die, you really do float away to a better place
16. A caricature artist once asked my husband to  list all of our common interests and we literally couldn’t come up with a single damn thing- we are total and complete opposites
17. My daughter recently bought me a N’espresso machine and I now literally fantasize about my morning coffee as I’m drifting off to sleep…before getting the machine, I thought instant coffee was totally awesome- my friends almost dis-owned me for this
18. Kelly Wearstler is my number one giant girl crush…everything she touches is magic sauce in my eyes
19. I haven’t traveled nearly enough…which probably has something to do with the next point…
20. I absolutely adore being bored
21. I’m supercalafragalistic sentimental
22. When drying my hair, I always close my right eye- so weird
23. I have wicked awesome control of my top lip…have a bunch of party tricks related to my ability to snarl well
24. I envy artists who can really draw/paint more than anyone- so jealous of other people’s artistic talents
25. My family is like 8th generation Canadian, which I find pretty awesome…unfortunately, this lineage also 
means that me and the kids have skin that’s so white, it pretty much glows in the dark
Thanks for sharing Christine!
holliecooperinteriors25 Things You Don’t Know About Me #4 – Christine of Bijou & Boheme

8 Comments on “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me #4 – Christine of Bijou & Boheme”

  1. Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home

    awwwww i just love this. thanks Hollie for featuring her. I was curling my lip as I pretended to dry my hair when reading this! and i love the story of natasha! i knew C had adopted her, but I didnt know you also got a great hubby out of the deal too. congrats you all – i enjoy reading about your journey!!

  2. Stacey

    Love this! Learned you were a teacher; yay! I dream about my Nespresso too. In fact, I try to never run out of it! It was great getting to know Christine a little better:-). Great feature Hollie!

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