25 Things You Don’t KNow About Me #5 – Abby from Abby M Interiors

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Happy Tuesday!
The fam & I had a really nice weekend, it was full of parties with friends & family with a cold drink in hand. Saturday was a surprise 50th / family reunion pool party, my kids were in heaven, spending 5 1/2 hours playing in the pool.

Sunday was spent at another birthday party for my bestie neighbour friend, let me just say that we had a total blast, singing and dancing in the kitchen until 1am. Thankfully my kids spent the night at their Nana’s house.

This heat & humidity has been insane, it makes me want a pool – kinda.

It’s Tuesday so that means another installment of  “25 Things” & I am thrilled to have Abby from
 here to share her list of things we don’t know about her. 
I began reading Abby’s blog after first following stalking her on InstagramAbby hails from Michigan and creates beautiful, colourful & welcoming interiors. Go over and check out her projects, they will not disappoint.
Take it away Abby…..
Hi All!  Thanks so much for having me.  I’m a huge fan of Hollie and everything she creates.  I have four of her pillows in my living room and I’m currently obsessed with her hand-painted drapes.  Have you seen how amazing they look?  The girl has skills! I’m thrilled to be part of Hollie’s series.  Enjoy!
  1. I’m a total procrastinator.  Just ask Hollie!  
  2. I was afraid being a designer when I ‘grew-up’ would disappoint my parents, so I got my degree in International Relations.  The upside is that I learned how to write because they were preparing us for law school.  Who knew blogging and interior design would go so well together in the future?
  3. I wrestled my way into interior design anyhow.
  4. I’m from a super small town in northeastern Michigan and was lucky enough to live on the beach.
  5. I could see Lake Huron out my window.  Of course I never appreciated that until I was older and out of the house.
  6. My parents let me be an exchange student twice during high school: once to Brazil and once to Spain.  Now that I have my own children I have no idea how they let me go.
  7. I grew-up going to MSU football games, I’m a spartan alumni, and both of my boys are totally obsessed with all things Michigan State.  
  8. I met my husband after a Michigan State football game.  After dinner he got on one knee to tie his shoe, and I was so sure we would be married that I *almost* said, “You don’t have to propose yet!”. Nine months later we were engaged. 
  9. Everyone told us we were too young.  They were right. 😉
  10. My husband and I are both only children.
  11. We both missed having siblings and were determined to have more than one child.  Thankfully we have two boys!
  12. My husband and I were both in the same city in Brazil at the same time, seven years before we ever met.
  13. We are total opposites.  He’s a spreadsheet/money saver type and I tend to think we ‘need’ everything. 😉
  14. We moved into a 70’s ranch two years ago and I have no desire to go back to a two-story home.
  15. I’m guessing it’s another five years before we’re even close to making all the changes we’d like to our ranch.
  16. My great-great Aunt Tinsy ( yep, Tinsy) was an interior designer and the exterior of her home was painted turquoise.  I like to think we share a connection.
  17. I was a dancer.  No poles were involved, but tap shoes, pointe shoes, and jazz shoes were pulled out of my dance bag numerous times a week.
  18. Speaking of high school–I was president of my class.  Oh yeah! It’s not all it’s cracked up to be.  But you do get to plan the 10 year reunion!
  19. My youngest son is the ultimate snuggle-monster.  Last night he grabbed my face in his hands and called me his sweet mommy.  He can turn my heart to mush.
  20. My oldest is an entertainer type.  He’ll do anything to get a laugh, even if that means breaking the rules.
  21. I love cooking almost as much as design.  To me they are two sides of the same coin.  Both are an art, of sorts, and after a bit of work you really get to enjoy what you’ve created and share it with other people.
  22. I’ve read two books this year that have caused me to change the way I live my life:Bread & Wine by Shauna Niequist and The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  After reading them I quit my Bunco group, started a Cooking Club with my blogging friend Jill, sing more to my kids, and finally invited my neighbors over for dinner instead of always chatting in the driveway. 
  23. I confess that I’m part of a Bachelor/Bachelorette Facebook group with a ton of fun friends.  The show is SO much better when you can be slightly catty with your friends. It’s like live tweeting on crack.
  24. I never thought I’d like Instagram.  Turns out that it’s my social media of choice.  I’m.  Totally.  Addicted.
  25. I still pinch myself that I get to work a job that I love and people pay me!  I will never take that for granted. 
Thanks Hollie!

Abby thanks so much for participating. I can totally relate to being IG addicted!

Have an awesome day ya’ll!

holliecooperinteriors25 Things You Don’t KNow About Me #5 – Abby from Abby M Interiors

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