A Day of Nothingness….

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Today is the first day since the kiddies have gone back to school that I have no plans. 
So far, I made some eggs with toast & watched this movie.
Do yourself a favour & save the 90 min. doing something else.

If I am watching a movie & it’s bad I will persevere & keep watching, in hopes that it might actually get better.  Unless we are talking about The Dictator, after 15 min we turned that shit off!

We purchased a really nice towel bar & toilet paper holder & since March they have been in their boxes. 
I figured today was the day, I was going to install them. Sounds easy enough right……WRONG. 
I proceeded to put 9 holes on the walls, so, I am currently waiting for the DAP to dry & will touch up the paint & will enlist the assistance of one of my uncles! Thank the Lord for handy dandy family members:)
I am also going to attempt to wash & fold 3 loads of laundry, or maybe not. I may just watch another movie or continue binge watching season 4 of Californication. God it’s a love hate thing with Hank Moody.

I will finish off this day of peacefulness by taking B to dance class.
While I am there I will have to endure 1 hour of chaos that will test my patience to the inth degree.
There are 2 different classes going on at the same time & I swear each kid in the class has one if not both parents and 1 or 2 younger siblings waiting & watching (I don’t bring O with me, he spends time with his great-grandparents)
Truth be told there is not much watching that goes on, it’s mainly a lot of parents being extreemly loud & telling their kids what not to do, followed by crying & yelling by said children.
The scene that goes on makes me want to stick pins in my eyes & drink heavily. 
Oh what we will do with for our offspring.
See you tomorrow
holliecooperinteriorsA Day of Nothingness….

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