A Little About Me & The Sale

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Morning All

I want to start with a GIANT Congrats to my friend Christine of Bijou & Boheme and family on the safe and highly anticipated birth of child number 4, Jasper!

I thought I would share a bit about myself & how I came to be apart of the world of interiors.

From an early age I was exposed to interiors, sewing, & fabrics. I recall having many meals sharing the kitchen table with my Mom’s trusty Singer sewing machine. There were more times than I can even remember we had to drive around in our 2 door car with drapery rods and rolls of fabric sticking out the passenger window, while I sat in the passenger seat.
I now find myself doing the exact same – I think I was destined to work in this industry.

I did study and work as a make up artist doing everything from bridal makeup, to print work, movies, commercials & music videos.
That is how I met my husband & he still works in the industry.

Ten years ago I found myself working for my Mom at her store, a custom drapery showroom & workroom, answering the phone and booking appointments for clients interested in custom drapery & upholstery.
It’s amazing how many people purchase homes with lots of windows and don’t consider how they will be treated and then the cost, but that’s a whole other story.
I took some interior design courses, and went to work at an interior design firm, this is where I can say I did most of my hands on learning & that’s the best type.

I truly think design is in my blood, I love it. It’s amazing to see the thoughts in your head become reality, and to create a space that someone truly loves is the best part.

Now I have 2 kids and began my own interior design business 3 years ago.
 I try my best to work when the kids are at school or in the evenings, but it’s tough sometimes.

Last summer I decided to opened an Etsy shop

I love fabric and I love cushions.
They are the easiest, fastest and most cost effective way to change the look and feeling in a room.
Here is just a sprinkling of what my shop has to offer.

For those who live outside the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) I also offer what I like to call a
Design Box
It’s easy for the client, all they have to do is send me inspirational photos, dimensions & photos of the room in question and I will create a Design Box!
Essentially it’s a lovely re-useable black box that will have your design, floor plan, a list of the stores in your area where you can purchase the items specified and all the samples of paints, fabric, wallpaper, stains & anything else they may require to complete the space.
This takes about two weeks to complete & is a very affordable option.

Here are a few of my E-desgn boards

I have also been commissioned to hand paint fabrics for various applications.

The one above is the most requested, it has been created in many different colour ways.


My shop is having a 20% OFF SALE and it ends Sunday.
I am even offering up the Design Box & E-Design at 20% OFF, so go now and buy up some pretty cushions and give your room a little more colour for spring!!!

Catch you tomorrow:)

Hollie xo

holliecooperinteriorsA Little About Me & The Sale

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