A Mixed Bag

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Yesterday Alex over at Things That Sparkle showed a sneak peak of her powder room & holy hell the wallpaper is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G & the lucite legs on that vanity are pretty sweet too!
This dynamite paper is from Lindsay Cowles, I must get my hands on some of what they offer, they’ll knock you socks off!


One of my favorite shelter mags is House Beautiful. So, I was happy to see it in my mailbox yesterday just waiting for me to take in all it’s goodness. I was drawn to this little 800 sq ft Manhattan apartment, that was designed by Ashley Whittaker. Back in the day, my single self would have loved this, it’s feminine, but not frilly.

The Hanna chairs by Oly sing perfection in pink with navy gimp and silver nail heads.

This end of the living room acts as a office space and the bar cart is ready to entertain.

Osbourne & Little Maharani wallpaper in this colour way is full of life.

Rose Cumming Zebrine wall covering in Navy is a fresh take
on an animal print.


I was having a heck of a time trying to figure out the whole surface applied mounding layout for B’s room, but I sat down yesterday afternoon & did it. I am the type who has to do everything by hand first, so after many, many, many rolled up pieces of paper her is what I decided on.


A few girlfriends & I have taken up Yoga as a form of exercise/activity & the whole social aspect is quite alluring too! We are up to 3 x’s a week & my current gym apparel is Ok, but to be honest I just want a few new things cause if I’m going to sweat I want to at least look cute doing it! 

So I’ve made a list of what I’d like to add to my current repitoire.

1,3,6,8 Nordstroms / 2 Panache Sports Bra / 2,4,7 Sweaty Betty

Have an awesome day!

holliecooperinteriorsA Mixed Bag

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