A Sleepless Night, Project B’s Room Begins, The Sale & For Sale

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Last night sleep was not so good. I awoke at 1:00am & my mind began to go a million miles an hour, thinking of a few things that have been weight heavily on my mind as of late. As the time kept on ticking and I was still awake, I was getting so frustrated. When did life get so complicated, remember when we were kids & life was so fun & carefree – I’d like it to be like that again.
All I wanted to do was sleep, but I proceeded to lay awake until 4:30am, that’s the last time I looked at the clock, anyways.

But on a happier note. Yesterday was a productive day, Project B’s room officially began.

B’s walls were laid out to get it ready for the installation of all of the mouldings. Their going up today.
 I took down all of the pictures and filled the gazillion holes. You see I have a problem when it comes to hanging pictures – I don’t measure I just stick a nail in the wall & if I don’t like how it looks I take the nail out and hammer it in the right spot – So I had LOTS of holes to fill.
I also emptied B’s closet & removed all of the white wire shelving filled in those holes and painted it. If you remember for my “25 Things” I detest painting like a sickness but I will do anything for my B:) The kids & I went to the local Home Depot & got the centre tower & some pretty crystal knobs for the new open concept closet.
The drapery for B’s room looks amazing too! I painted my Intertwine pattern in pink on white linen and large black pom poms are going down the sides – it’s a little more, shall I say florescent, that I anticipated but still – I die! Sorry no sneak peek of this you gotta wait.
Her new ceiling fixture arrived – a faux bamboo pagoda – from Smith & Vine, it’ll get sprayed a nice glossy pink.

I also have a little addition to the room & yes it does involve a paintbrush, darn it! I’m looking forward to the finished result cuz I know B’s gonna love it! – I’ll give you a hint – dipped legs!

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While were on the subject of Sale, I am selling the drapery from B’s room.
These were custom made & are lined with an insulgard lining, which is both insulating and blackout. There is one panel @ 84″w x 90″l & 2 panels @45″w x 90″l.
You can see the drapery here. If you are interested contact me [email protected]

Have an awesome day chickas!
holliecooperinteriorsA Sleepless Night, Project B’s Room Begins, The Sale & For Sale

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