All the pretty colours – Neon

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This is the kick off of a new series here at TPZ. A few times a month I’ll assemble a medley of bewitching images in a distinct colour. I don’t know about you but I’ve had it with winter and am wishing for warmer weather,  not a middle of July scorcher, but a light jacket wearing May. Neon’s are on tap … Read More

holliecooperinteriorsAll the pretty colours – Neon

Ensuite Evolution – The design

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Demo is completed and now we have to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.  Floor has been levelled and a larger shower has be framed.Plumber and electrician have done their bit. Here is my design, we like it, and it’s ALL been purchased. The only thing I am unsure on is the waterfall counter, solid surface or marble? Here are … Read More

holliecooperinteriorsEnsuite Evolution – The design


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Eskayel was founded in 2008 by artist Shanan Campanaro and is based in Brooklyn, NY.They are dedicated to making eco-friendly made fabrics, wall coverings, custom rugs,pillows, art, scarves & more. I love how every item is one of a kind. If you stick around with me you will soon discover that I like to bedistinct in my design choices. Wall … Read More


Ensuite Evolution – Master Ensuite Series # I

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  I’ve decided to create a series on the renovation of our Master Ensuite, so with out further ado… When we built our home 9 years ago  we knew the neighbourhood we wanted to live in and raise our family.  Funnily enough, we ended up buying the house next door to where I lived when I was a kid.  So, … Read More

holliecooperinteriorsEnsuite Evolution – Master Ensuite Series # I

Jumping in with Both Feet…

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Well here I go. I’m taking the plunge. via pinterest I can’t believe I’m, actually going to do this. via pinterest This is my very first blog post, ever.Welcometo The Pink Zipper I decided to create this blog as an outlet to share my thoughts, not just on interior design,but there will be lot’s of that! My hope is to divvy … Read More

holliecooperinteriorsJumping in with Both Feet…