Fit For a Lively Little Girl!

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Well, I sat down with B and together we can up with the plan for her bedroom.
B definitely has her own thoughts on what she likes, I figured it’s her room and she should have some input. 
I’m not the type for a juvenile themey room. I prefer a room that the child can grow into. Maybe you change the bedding, art & some accessories as they grow up, but the main base of the room remains. This is the smarter way to go if you ask me.
 Let’s face it, if it’s theme based, in a few short years you’ll be taking down the Disney wallpaper, nothing against Disney, it’s just not my bag! 
Here is what B & I came up with together – I think we make a good team! 
The existing drapery is staying, B loves them and for me they were an investment. I’m thinking about adding some pink or yellow pom poms down the lead edge, but not totally sold on the idea yet! Some pink rick rack will go on the bottom edge of the existing bed skirt. The bed will remain it’s existing colour Benjamin Moore Early Morning with all white bedding. You can see the before pictures here.

I have also settled on the open closet, the mirrored doors will go and I hope to go with something like this.

I thought about papering the inside the same pink polka dot as the ceiling, with the 6 top shelves being glass to display some of B’s pretty things. Crystal pulls for the drawers & the section of the far left will have angles shelves for her shoe collection & we’ll finish it off with some pretty hangers.

I remember when I was about 7 & I went away to sleep over camp for a week. When I returned I came home to a new bedroom, I hope to this for B too!  She is going away for a week in July so that’s when this will all come together.

What are your thoughts on kids bedrooms?

Be sure to come back tomorrow I will have the Master Bedroom Reveal.
Later Tarters!

Hollie xo

holliecooperinteriorsFit For a Lively Little Girl!

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