Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things & #projectfirsthome

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I love being away on holiday & no matter how much fun is being had, it is always so nice to get home & sleep in your own bed, right? I’ll have our #hardrockholiday recap later this week.
While we were enjoying some fun in the sun, back here, in the GTA the temps were, from what I hear, beyond cold, however, I was so happy to return home to see the staircase all painted & looking very pretty, if I do say so myself.

The runner will be put back on in the coming weeks – when the installer has some time to “squeeze” me in. 
As we all know, coming back from a  holiday means there is a mountain of work to do, so yesterday was spent catching up on emails, tracking missing/delayed fabric orders & trying to get all of my ducks back in a row. 
While getting the said ducks straightened out I was reminded of something that I had completely blanked out on for a project & I feel like a fool. I will have to do some running around to get things sorted out. For this same project, there seems to be an extra long delivery time for the drapery fabrics. The plan was that the fabric be delivered directly to my workroom, early last week & be manufactured, then it would be ready to install this week. We chose 3 different fabrics to make our own vertical stripe pattern, there are 5 very wide panels, oh & did I mention that they are 230″long! Not something that my fabulous seamstress can just “whip up”. Sometimes things just won’t / can’t / don’t fall into place like they should or like were used to.
I pride myself in meeting deadlines, building loyal relationships, keeping my word & not leaving things to the last minute, but it seem as though this project is no seeing my best side & for that, as my son would say, I am not happy. 
But enough of that.
I have been working with a great couple who have just purchased their first home.
We’ll call this #projectfirsthome.
Here’s a peek at some of the approved design boards I created.

Until tomorrow.

holliecooperinteriorsGetting Back Into The Swing Of Things & #projectfirsthome

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