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Good Monday.
I have nothing planned for today. To be honest I’m feeling a little zonked.
 I’ve sprinkled some pretty images throughout this post in hopes of not boring you.

I always have a few things on my plate, currently I’ve got: 
This blog
My own design business (that is essentially part time)
I spend 1 day a week at my old design firm
A set of almost 5 year old twins
So, I thought that I’d like to do something else that really involved being around other people, because most of my work is spend by myself.

I got a part time job, in a home decor retail store. It’s a busy place. Designers love it for accessories, but we also do in home consultations, custom furniture, you name it!  
It’s been a bit of an adjustment. I have been my own boss for years so, someone telling me what to do is the hardest part. I do enjoy the fact that I can go do my job & leave – there’s no homework.

Working Saturdays doesn’t bother me – it gives the Mr. some well deserved fun time with the kids. 
What really kills, is the arranging who’s picking up from school, who’s taking the kids to their karate & dance classes – and the constant in & out of the car seats from one vehicle to another. 
Thanks goodness for Mom’s – mine & my Mr.’s
I’m also missing the multiple yoga classes a weeks, it’s been 2 weeks since my last class & the 2 weeks before that were scarce – Christine said “This job is interferring with our yoga” & it’s true. 

Not to mention that my house inside & out looks like a tornado hit it & that the laundry pile is getting bigger by the second.
I dont know how parents of young kids work full time, juggle the kids, school, home, home work, groceries, cooking, packing lunches & make time for yourselves. It’s tough.

So high 5’s to all of you who do it & do it well! 
I might need to read a page out of your book.

holliecooperinteriorsJuggling & some pretty stuff

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