Lusting Over Leopard

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While I was out yesterday these little shooties caught my eye and I couldn’t just leave them!
So, these babies got me thinking about my love of all thing leopard, it goes back a long time. When we built our home 9 years ago I used this Liz Claiborne action on our stairs.

I would show you more of the stair case but, it requires a post unto it’s self! I’ve got design / updating thoughts about our staircase on the brain. I’m sure if my husband is reading this he is rolling his eyes.

To me leopard is a neutral, put it anywhere, with anything & voila, it just works!

And most definitely in fashion.

Bathing Suit

Those brass dining chairs & the leopard rug with the fuchsia sofas are killing me!

Do you love leopard too!

It’s a long weekend here, north of the border, so I’ll see you Tuesday with another edition of
“25 Things You Don’t Know About….”. I’m not going to tell, you’ll just have to come back and see who it is!

holliecooperinteriorsLusting Over Leopard

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