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During my daily web crawl while sourcing items for clients I find a thing or two that I really want like.
I am trying a few new things, cuz I don’t really need anything & wanting to hold onto my money to save & pay off some debit.
1. Plan our weekly meals loosely, so we eat out a lot less.
2. Make a list when I go to the grocery store & only buy what’s on it.
3. Limit my Timmy runs to only a few times a week apposed to 1 or 2x’s per day.
4.Besides the weeks they are in summer camps, do fun activities with that kids that are free.
So, with trying to stick to the said list, my lusting continues.
Melrosre Console in Coral from Society Social

Gold Foot Table No.1 from Society Social

I have not ideas where this is from, but I love it!

Auguat Humid Decline drip painting by Caroline Wright

Peace Out!

holliecooperinteriorsMy Latest & Favourites

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