Oh F-U-D-G-E & The Hair Salon

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Hi Ya’ll
Let’s just say that today hasn’t gotten off on the right foot, but not all has been lost.
We woke up late this morning, like 8 am late. My kids don’t sleep that late, live EVER! I suppose the time change and that fact that the kids are at swimming camp this week for March Break has caught up with them.
So we awoke with a knock at the door, my contractors were here to hang the 48″ x 60″ mirror frame and cut the holes in the backing for the sconces. I was also going to have the mirror man come measure today. This all sounded so simple and looked great in the elevation and I could visualize it in my head. Well it seems not one person saw the problem we just encountered.

The boxes for the sconces are placed so they line up with the hardware on the vanity, great & what I expected. Well, because the right side of the vanity is against the wall & the left side the counter extends 1 1/2 ” because it is a waterfall, this is the problem. So, to make a long story short, the sconce on the right would have to come in 1 1/2″ to make spacing of the sconces on the mirror equal, but then it’s over too far- not happening. I know myself and we have come this far and it has to be right. I just hope my husband is reading this and I won’t have to explain it to him again later:)

So my quick thinking brain came up with an even better idea than the original & we also have more than enough left over marble so make my new plan happen. The tile will span from the top of the counter to the ceiling with the same 12 x 24 Bianco Carrera, laid vertically in a brick pattern and the entire width of the counter. The sconces will be mounted on the tile and I will find 2 (very cost effective) tall skinny mirrors, one above each sink.

Anyone interested in a 48″ x 60″ frame painted Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron????

I went for my first of many client meeting last evening to see the new Rainbow Expressions Hair Salon and let me tell you I really have my work cut out! I walked into a total horror show.

All the owner said was “I know hair and you know design so please make it pretty”
 Here are a few of the before photos and let me tell you I don’t think I can do any wrong, any improvement will be a positive one.


cutting stations – there is another double station like this on the opposite wall 

retail area  

this area will have 2 additional cutting stations

2 Shampoo stations


Storage in the washroom

I have big plans for this salon. There are a few fixed elements for the existing Rainblow Expressions Salon that they will be retrofitting to use in this new space, but other wise I plan on making this place a whole lot of pretty.

Hollie xo

holliecooperinteriorsOh F-U-D-G-E & The Hair Salon

5 Comments on “Oh F-U-D-G-E & The Hair Salon”

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