Operation – Sewing Room

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Happy Tuesday! 
I mentioned a few weeks ago that we plan on moving my office / sewing room to the basement. 
This way I can get my sewing machine off the kitchen table & we can create a family room – you know the one I’m going to try and pull together for $1000!
Too bad the sofa I am lusting over is way more that the budget allows.
Anyhoo… I plan on tackling Operation Sewing Room this week and my hope is to have it completed by Saturday – my husband is away in Sin City for a conference and it would be nice to have it done while he is away.
Here is what I have to work with, it’s not pretty, but I have faith that I can turn it around.

This wall will be covered floor to ceiling in white sheer. 
This wall will be painted white & have the desk peninsula out from the centre.  

2 Ikea Kilby bookcases will sit on this wall to house all of my fabric and supplies

It is a very small space 92″ x 53″.
I don’t need a lot of room, just plenty of organization.

Here is what my plan looks like

The sheer, rug, pendant light, and bookcases are all from IKEA.
Hello, IKEA if you are listening reading maybe we can work something out???

I am going to challenge myself to 2 things:

1) complete this for as little $$$ as possible
2) done by Saturday

Wish me luck friends:)

Hollie xo

holliecooperinteriorsOperation – Sewing Room

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