#PineAvenueSpruceUp – POWDER ROOM

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After 6 days we finally have our Internet back up & working.
More importantly this means I was able to get back to The Walking Dead!
We don’t have cable, we stream everything from out computers & iPads & we also have Apple TV. I basically pick a series on Netflix & binge watch to my hearts content. I find this so satisfying at the end of the day to watch 2 or 3 episodes of my latest obsession in a row. 
I’m currently deep into The Walking Dead.
In other news…
We have begun a little project over here, what I am referring to as


We have been in our home for 10 years, which has gone by so fast. We have done a lot, but there are things that have needed just a bit if attention that we have kept putting off. So we have decided that these “little things” will get taken care of & pronto!

I hit up IKEA for a few supplies on the weekend.

I have been painting ceilings, trim, baseboards & doors in the mudroom, Jack n’ Jill bathroom & the main floor powder room.

 The powder room wallpaper has been bugging me for a while now. All of the seams have become very visible & starting to peel. Not to mention all of holes from toilet paper holders, towel rings and the umpteen nail holes. There was cluster of tiny holes under the window, I’m confident in saying that this is some evidence that my little guy left behind when hew was “fixing” something!

A few weeks ago in an attempt to “mask” the paper I chose to hang up 3 large brass rubbings we made on a trip to London many, many years ago – need less to say the satisfaction did not last long.

Spontaneously I began ripping down the wallpaper yesterday.

All of the trim & ceiling are going to remain black, the toilet & pedestal sink are staying as is the slate floor. So basically I need a wall colour, I thinking  Benjamin Moore Oxford White – that is my go to white- but I’m also toying with all black,  new window treatments & some art – I might tackle the canvas myself too – that will incorporate lots of colour, shape & texture.

Last summer I had this plan for the Powder Room.

 I still love the wallpaper, the Peggy Wolfe art & sconces from Black Rooster, but to be honest I need to do this on a super tight budget. I will however be saving these items to use somewhere else in the near future!

Here is my new – kind of – inspirational images.



Night & day right?

We’ll see how it all unfolds.

holliecooperinteriors#PineAvenueSpruceUp – POWDER ROOM

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