Presentation Day

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Hello lovely peeps
I had felt it coming on last week and began with a really sore throat. Then by Sunday my eyes were watery and red, like after you’ve had a really good cry. Walking down the laundry/ cleaning product isle at Walmart was a whole other story, with all of the scents it was like a symphony of sneezes & by the end if that long isle I had to stop and catch my breath.
I did go to bed last night at 7:30 after the little one went down. With the help of enough NyQuil &Neo Citron for a horse I did manage to get 12 hour of Zzzz’s & I do feel a bit better.
But today is Project – Hair Salon Presentation Day so even thought I feel crappy…

Here is a refresher of the main floor

The exterior also need some sprucing up so I assembled 2 options

I’m confident in my design so here’s hoping the client is too!
Every other Tuesday is cleaning lady day. Does anyone else do 2 hours of tidying up before, in hopes that the cleaners don’t think that you are total slobs? Then once they are gone spend another 30 minutes putting things back where they belong and straightening pictures?
We’re making progress on Project – Maple Avenue and I will be sharing more on that later in the week. 
Well, I’m off to pick up a few last minute samples. Have a great day:)
Hollie xo
holliecooperinteriorsPresentation Day

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