Project B’s Room is almost there & An After…

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It’s Friday & this week being kid less is flown by super fast, I’ve gotten lots done & there are still a few things I want to check off the list before B&O get home tomorrow evening. Oh how I miss them, but B is going to have a big surprise when she gets home. I hope I’m not boring you all with this project, cuz it’s not offically over, even though I’m going to show you the almost afters! To refresh your memory here is what the room looked like before.

I am so please with how B’s room has come together. This is definitely a more sophisticated room that she can grow into over the years, but has all of the little touches that my little girls is all about. A tea party with a few of her cuddly friends, lots of books, and behind the door is a tall door mounted mirror & hooks on the wall with lots of dress up clothes. 
 The open reach in closet is exactly what I has envisioned. Shoes storage, open display for hair accessories, music boxes, trinkets. The open space at the top could have had a shelf but I opted to keep it open to allow for a few pieces of art & her collection of B’s. On the top shelf I shadow boxed a pink onsie of B’s that she wore when she was first born, at 2 pounds 11 ounces, it was too big, this reminds me of how tiny she once was  & how far she has come.
If I can toot my own horn, I am completely over the moon happy with the hand painted drapes I made for B. Although the colour is a bit more flouescent pink that I was anticipating I love them & the big pom pom fringe down both sides is killer. If anyone out there is interested, you can hire me to paint/make some for you!
The art over the bed is from Bonjour Frenchie  & the pink carousel photo is from Kathy Fornal & the Nutcracker piece hung in my room when I was little, but I had since had it reframed.
The pillows on the bed were made by me in this amazing Kravet fabric, the sheets and quilted bedspread were both from HomeSense & the fluffy throw is IKEA.
 Her room is now 95% complete. I still have to put the gold polka dot decals on the ceiling from Walls Need Love, I was super excited to see that delivery waiting for me yesterday but after reading the instructions it said to wait 2-3 weeks before applying to new paint to allow it to cure (seriously!). I suppose I should follow the instructions. The fabric from Spoonflower is on it’s way for the 2 lampshades & the carpet still needs shampooing, but other thank that it’s a wrap!
Lastly I have a quick Before & After of a few pieces I had reupholstered for a client.


That’s it folks I off to to a little downward dog, some warrior poses & maybe even a headstand.
The Mr. took the day off work so I’m hoping we can go sit on a patio later this afternoon.
Have a fantastic weekend.
holliecooperinteriorsProject B’s Room is almost there & An After…

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