Re-Thinking B’s Room

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One of the hardest things I find about designing a space for my own home is that I am so indecisive. I think it’s because we, as designers are exposed to so much & the options are endless, so it makes it hard to choose sometimes. For a client I have the main direction pretty much set from the get go & stick very close to it but, when it comes to my own home, I flip flop like a fish out of water. 
I began pulling together all of the pieces for B’s room & found myself questioning the plan. So, I went back to the drawing board as they say & I have come up with something even better. There is no turning back cuz stuff has been purchased/ordered.

In recently months I have painted my Intertwine pattern as drapery for clients, if your unfarmiliar it looks like this – KW inspired.

As I’m painting away B always says how much she likes it, but she would choose pink instead, Benjamin Moore Deep Carnation to be exact! So creamy white linen drapery with pink lines, was my new jumping off point.

The walls are getting some surface applied mouldings and EVERYTHING is being painted Benjamin Moore Oxford White.

Gold polka dots will adorn the ceiling.

These 2 fun prints will get large white mattings & satin gold frames.

This faux bamboo Pagoda lovlieness will hang from the ceiling

I also hope to paint a small round table & 2 chairs that are currently in the playroom, so she can enjoy tea parties in her room & they will get painted Benjamin Moore Whirlpool CC-910

We are one step closer to getting all of the components for the closet transformation, when it’s complete it will look something like this.

Brass rods will happen but, do I do crystal pulls or sleek satin gold pulls? 
I will spend tomorrow painting the drapery fabric, so Monday I will give a little sneak peek. 
Monday is also Canada Day, so in honour of this fine Country I will highlight some Canadian goodness.
Have lovely weekend friends:)
holliecooperinteriorsRe-Thinking B’s Room

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