Some Drapery, Stairs & Progress

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Good Morning.
Over the past few years we have been completing the drapery treatments to some of the main spaces, in a clients home, but there is still work to do to finish off these areas. The family room welcomed the addition of some full draw silk drapery & a few pillows, just before Christmas. It looks great & most importantly the client is happy.
Fabric selections
This room just needs a few finishing touches.
I seeing a large piece of abstract art over the sofa to fill in the blank wall.
An area rug, cocktail table, ceiling fixture & a pair od wall sconces to go over the fireplace.
Here is what I have in mind.

 area rug / ceiling light / wall sconces / cocktail table / art

You know that my staircase has bothered  me for a while now & if you didn’t, you can read about it here & here. It’s not so much the stairs themselves, but more like the orangey tone on the oak that brings pain to my eyes, but have no fear they are getting painted next week! The existing leopard runner was removed the other day. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it can be out back on. Some people have said yes it can, others have said no it can’t. In the case that it can’t, it will definitely be replaced with another animal print. That I am sure of!

Yesterday I met with my web designer Andy & I am so excited about my new website that should make an appearance in the next month. As apart of getting my shit together I joined Facebook something that I was never interested in, but in order to grow my business I thought this needed to happen. So like me or friend me, whatever the lingo is!

Happy Friday Friends.

holliecooperinteriorsSome Drapery, Stairs & Progress

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