Stair Dreams

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We have big thoughts for our existing stairs, but we have done a lot this year & completing this is going to be on hold, for longer than we expected. It’s going to be a big job, like move out of the house big.
We have an open plan, the main floor & the upper hall hardwood are a very warm, actually who am I kidding it’s orange & the entire staircase was stained to match the orange hardwood floor.

We have visions of replacing all of the hardwood in the house to the soft scraped 5″ black walnut character hardwood that we just installed in our master bedroom.
Replacing the wood spindles with a simple glass pane, maybe some floating stairs with a sleek walunt stained railing. 


I also like the idea of having the existing staircase risers painted, an amazing metal railing & spindles & having the treads match the new walnut floors. This way I could keep a runner, there are so many amazing carpet options for runners. Why not have fun with it!

These are so playful & would be wonderful at the cottage.

Do you also have stair dreams?

If you haven’t already started the #30daysquatchallenge click here to see the daily numbers. I started it last Friday & my butt, quads & inner thighs are killing. I can only imagine what they will feel like after having to do 250 in a row- Lord help me.

Happy Hump day!

holliecooperinteriorsStair Dreams

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