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We arrived safely to our Hotel, The Hotel Mela.
FYI – did you know that Mela in italian means Apple?
After what could have taken 8 hours, actually took 11 & we faced a case of 
from O, my little guy. 
I have to say all in all for someone who has a problem spending more than 30 minutes in the car at a time, he was a real trooper, and after a good nights sleep he is back to his amazing little self.
Now B on the other hand, was awake at 4:45am and was so excited for the whole ride, fell asleep just as we entered Manhattan for 30 minutes, then was back in action until 10pm. 
She is our little Energizer Bunny!
Our Family Adventure awaits. 
I’ll be back Tuesday with a recap of #thebigapple
Happy Easter to all.
Hollie xo

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