Thoughts on B’s Room

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I have been thinking about B’s room for the last few months.
I would like to make it more to her liking.
It was B&O’s nursery, then when O moved into his new room, I painted the bed and dresser, they were mine when I was little.
 Now she has her own thoughts on what she likes and I am open to making some changes, within reason, she’s 4 1/2 and if she had her own way everything would be pink and purple with butterflies and glitter.

Here is how the room has evolved from Nursery for two.

B’s Room Now

The bed & drapery are going to stay & I’ll add some new bedding, replace the giant mass produced canvas over the bed. I’d like to remove the mirrored closet doors and do a more styled closet as well.
But as for paint, wallpaper, colour scheme,  art… I have a few thoughts.I’ll create a few design boards to see how all of the elements play together.

Yesterday afternoon my kids class celebrated Mother’s Day & it was the cutest!

They sang songs, presented us with gifts & painted portraits, the Mom’s had to find the ones that looked like theirs.

I’ll be keeping mine forever.
These two are too cute for words – I love them to the moon & back a kajillion times!

Hollie xo

holliecooperinteriorsThoughts on B’s Room

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