Under the weather, but the show must go on!

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Good Morning.
The kids & I are all feeling under the weather so they are home today “resting” while I also try to rest & get some client work done.

The next few days are busy, busy & to top it off, Saturday we are having the kids birthday parties, so needless to say magic wand making & loots bag assembly are in full swing.
I mentioned a little while ago that I have some changes happening in my business. A website & branding is underway. I have also booked a photographer to take some real professional interior pics for my portfolio – so I have been scheming and very slowly crossing things off the “Get it done before the shoot” list. The painter has been booked, so the staircase is going to be painted in early January. I’m so excited to see it’s transformation.

holliecooperinteriorsUnder the weather, but the show must go on!

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