Welcome to The World Little Prince

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Sorry for the late post today, but as the saying goes better late than never, right!

The past 3 days days have been super challenging. My kiddies are the awesomest, but after spending a week away at the cottage, with Mimi & Papa Dave they came back & it’s like have forgotten each and every rule we have for our home. Isn’t it like an unspoken rule amongst all the grandparent out there  that there are no rules, cuz they can just give the kids back when their time with them is over? That all sounds well and good for a day, but after a week it takes a bit of time to the them back on routine. 
Bedtime has become a bit of a nightmare for O, not to the extreme, like the kind you see on Super Nanny or anything like that. My little guy only wants to sleep on the couch, is up and down out of this room like a yo-yo. I have to give O credit, he makes up the most ridiculous excuses in a way that only a 4 year old can, as to why he can’t sleep in his room. I know it’s all because he is tired.
On the upswing I am so glad to have them home I missed them more than you could imagine & I know that in a few more days things will be back to normal, well our normal that is!
The first thing B wanted to do was see her new room & when she walked in, she took a huge gasp & her eyes were bugging out. I knew that she loved it & she’s been having tea parties ever since. 
Being a parent is hard, but also the greatest & most rewarding job. So with that I also want to wish this new little family all the best

& in honour of the little price I have put together a nursery, my version, royal style!


See you back here tomorrow!

holliecooperinteriorsWelcome to The World Little Prince

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