Wonder Of Windows – Part 2

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I find this is that part where peoples eye begin to roll back into their heads. 
Honestly, if you have a window covering specialist, they will work this out. 
If you really want to know how to calculate yardage, then here is the step by step equation.
First we need all of the existing measurements.
I find a window biography is helpful when you are calculating for the first few times.

Our floor to ceiling height is 108″ and the outside frame to frame is 72″.

We would like the drapery to be  82″w x 104″l.
The fabric is 54″wide

The next step is to determine the number of WIDTHS of fabric that are needed.
72″ + 4″(for overlap in the centre when closed) + 6″ ( 3″ past the frame on teach side) = 82″
82 x 2.5 (for fullness) = 205″
205 / 54″ = 3.79 widths (round up to 4)

Next is the LENGTH of the cuts
108 (the finished length) +12 (for hems & header) = 120
120″l cuts  X 4 widths = 480″
480 / 36″(yard) = 12.88(round up to)

There are many different types of pleats and details to choose from.

I always say to clients:
“Mount your drapery rods as high as you can & use decorative hardware whenever possible”.
These are 2 things that make a huge difference with the finished result.

Add some colour blocking, banding or ribbon detail

If you have an arch, consider ignoring it.
Mount your drapery rod above the arch to give the illusion of even taller windows.
By doing this, it will actually enhance the architectural detail.

Don’t cut the window in half, like this.

 Please whatever you do, don’t do this either, I beg of you!

It actually pains me to put that image up, but it’s still happening.
So, I will leave you with a fun but completely unrelated image.

Have a great week end.
See you Monday.

Hollie xo

holliecooperinteriorsWonder Of Windows – Part 2

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  1. Julie

    this is a really great post, Hollie! thanks for taking the time to put it together. I’m about to tackle the drapes in our family room, I’ll definitely refer back to this!

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