Wonder of Windows Part 3

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I love roman blinds.
They are simple, functional and the fabric can make a statement.
Due to the fact that they are so versatile, romans look great in a wide range of spaces, from casual to very formal.

One of the things that I really like about romans is that they don’t require much material, so you can splurge on the fabric is you so desire. Also, because it hangs “flat” it really shows off a pattern or texture beautifully. I am dying over the Bespoke fabric in the first picture below – I’m going try my hand a creating some of that amazingness.

There are many variations of a Roman Shade but the 3 most popular styles are the regular, the relaxed and the butterfly.


Regular in a Bespoke fabric
Regular with accent banding
Regular addressing the arch
Regular with the bottom pleat in an accent fabric

Regular in an interesting fabric

Regular with inset banding to create a simple pattern

Regular in a large scale pattern

Regular with an accent fabric while addressing a tricky window 

Regular in a bold pattern


Relaxed with banding down side edges

Relaxed with accent fabric down sides and across bottom
Relaxed in a solid fabric

Relaxed in a bold fabric 


Butterfly in a traditional Toile

Butterfly in a colourful pattern

Butterfly in a solid fabric
Butterfly in a solid fabric with a ruffled bottom edge

Butterfly with an arched top with a small box pleat detail

Butterfly in a tone on tone fabric with lots of fullness

Butterfly in a traditional Toile with button and pleat detail at the top & a box pleated bottom edge

See they suite any style of decor perfectly.
The pairing of both drapery and romans is a also nice combination.

By keeping the fabric the same there is consistency even though treatments are different

The drapery and romans are kept in the same fabric
The romans are panels are in contrasting fabrics 
By having the romans in a pattern and repeating the colours in the panels creates a playful combination

How to Calculate

Here is how to calculate the yardage for a regular roman.

Determine what you finished size is going to be. Let’s say 35″w x 57″l & our fabric is 54″wide

35″+ 8″ ( 4″ for each side to have a 2″ double side hem) = 43″
1 cut or width of fabric

54″ + 30″ (this allows for the top & bottom hems & 2 stationary pleats) = 84″
84″ / 36″= 2.33 yards rounded up
2 1/2 yards

That it, easy peasy!

 Remember if you or anyone you know is having trouble calculating yardages or has questions regarding drapery or needs assistance figuring out what to do. I am happy to help.

Have a beautiful weekend.

Hollie xo

holliecooperinteriorsWonder of Windows Part 3

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